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Labour & Service laws

Labour laws are very vast. You have laws regulating from plantations to mines, from apprentices to permanent workmen, factories to shops, Provident fund & ESI to Employees’ Compensation, National Read more

Labour Related matters

In comparison to criminal law, Labour laws are very different. The standard of proof leaps from proof beyond reasonable doubt to preponderance of probability. Read more

Consumer Disputes

Economists once defined economics as the study of wants. Well Consumer Disputes can be defined as the result of improperly satisfied wants. From a legal view point, Consumer disputes are very fascinating. Read more


Where else can one have the privilege of selecting his impartial judge/s? But it is very rare that an Arbitrator’s award doesn’t get challenged. Yet people prefer arbitration before knocking the doors of a court.Read more

Education matters

A “school” though sounds simple, has many related aspects which require the assistance of a legal professional. However we specialize in advising and appearing for school managements Read more

Drafting and Conveyance

Since drafting and conveyance are very wide terms, it would be apt to state that our firm mainly concentrates on corporate requirements such as drafting of deeds, instruments, agreements and documents of like nature for varied purposes Read more

Acquisitions and Mergers

With the mounting competition in the indian market, survival of the fittest has become the name of the game. Consequently the number of acquisitions, mergers Read more

Sexual Harassment Related

Sexual Harassment is probably one of the most discussed topics in the recent times. We have our advocate Mrs.Sribhoomi Yesaswini who has been practicing for the past 17 years and handling Sexual Harrassment related aspects since inception of the enactment in 2013.Read more